Cross-Trade Collaboration Brings California Luxury Apartments To Life

Originally published by: MiTek Builder ProductsJune 2, 2015

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$1 million a month in lumber. 250 framers. 48 boxes of pneumatic nails every 6 hours – and MiTek Builder Products tying it all together.

Anyone driving south from Los Angeles on Route 15 would notice a hive of building activity near Corona, California. That’s where the Encanto at Dos Lagos luxury apartments are coming out of the ground, as a crew of more than 250 framers finishes the wood-frame structures that will house 1,200 apartments, built on 47 concrete slabs.

But how did the job meet the seismic requirements and building codes?

The developer called on an integrated team involving MiTek’s Builder Products division, 3rd party engineers, and distributors, to specify (and deliver on time!) the right products to meet codes and schedules.  The resulting case study shows how multiple solutions from MiTek drove up the developer’s profits for this 1,200-unit luxury development.


Cost-effective MiTek solutions chosen for the luxury development included Hardy Frame® Shear Walls, USP Structural Connectors, and structural components designed and produced using SAPPHIRE 3D software 465 Hardy Frame shear walls were installed, along with $250,000 worth of USP hangers, connectors, and straps.

The Hardy Frame Shear Walls selection alone saved the developer $30,000 from the cost of a competing brand.

Madera Components (using MiTek’s SAPPHIRE™ software) designed and manufactured all the roof and floor trusses.

435 unique truss profiles were used; job value of trusses and walls was over $1 million.

“Encanto used a great many USP Structural Connector products, plus the 465 Hardy Frames Shear W all Systems,” said Landon Boucher, Regional Manager, MiTek’s Builder products Division. “When you have an order that large, and a job that is so dynamic, with structures in different phases over an eight month period, the delivery has to be for precision quantities and right on time, every time. We worked with Reliable Hardware and Supply to assure that our logistical capabilities could perform, and we did, and it was all backed up by the documentation needed for the engineers, the framing contractors, the developer, and the building inspector. With the Encanto project, it demonstrates how it all comes together.”

 Trusses too! Encanto used roof trusses throughout, manufactured by Madera Components Inc. “Madera Truss uses MiTek’s SAPPHIRE™ Suite of software for its truss design, and on Encanto we used SAPPHIRE to design and manage manufacturing of all the roof trusses for the job,” said Madera’s Bill Holmes. “There were 435 truss profiles with Encanto, delivered in over 10 phases. “What’s more,” Holmes added, “the job involved some tight coordination with the utilities, so we accomplished some delicate staging with our deliveries, working from 400 miles away over an eight-month job duration. We depended on our relationship with MiTek to give our clients the edge to compete in their markets.”

The job exemplifies the precise coordination that MiTek with its range of solutions, the material dealer, the CM, the engineer, and the framer can bring to your projects today!

Click here to view the full case study.

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