2-in-1 Housewrap Provides Resistive Barrier and Rainscreen

Originally published by: Hardware & Building Supply DealerJanuary 5, 2015

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It’s described as a resistive barrier and rainscreen in a single product solution.

Slicker HP Housewrap, the latest in Benjamin Obdyke’s extensive portfolio of roof and wall products for the commercial and residential market is designed for both light commercial and residential applications. Slicker HP Housewrap provides the highest level of moisture protection for an exterior wall, according to its manufacturer.

The vertical channels of Slicker HP’s rainscreen element help to direct bulk water out of the exterior wall by creating a quarter-inch space for drainage and drying. Slicker HP simplifies incorporating a rainscreen into the wall system for an installer. 

Typically a housewrap is installed then rainscreen is added as a second step. Slicker HP combines the housewrap and rainscreen together in one step, thus creating the ¼ inch gap and eliminating the two-step process, the company says.

Slicker HP is protected under the Benjamin Obdyke 20 year system warranty when installed with Benjamin Obdyke flashing accessories (HydroFlash, HydroCorner) and other compatible products). 

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