Johns Manville Develops Two New Open-Cell Spray Foam Products

Originally published by: Johns ManvilleFebruary 6, 2015

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Johns Manville (JM), a Berkshire Hathaway company and leading building products manufacturer, today announced the addition of JM Corbond® Open-Cell Spray Polyurethane Foam (oc SPF) and JM Corbond® Open-Cell Appendix X Spray Polyurethane Foam (ocx SPF) to its complete line of building insulation products. The new products replace the previous JM oc SPF line and are recommended for walls, floors, crawl spaces, and both unvented and vented attics and ceilings.

JM Corbond oc SPF is a two-component, low-density, nonstructural insulation system designed for commercial, residential and industrial applications. Its low-density nature allows for tremendous yield, while still affording air sealing of homes, offices and classrooms. This results in better air quality and increased comfort for building occupants.

Additionally, JM Corbond ocx SPF meets ICC Evaluation Service’s AC 377 Appendix X requirements for application without an ignition barrier in attics and crawl spaces. The basis for the Appendix X test method is NFPA 286. This eliminates an extra step and reduces the number of passes required, which saves contractors time and money while achieving the same performance level of JM Corbond oc SPF.

JM Corbond oc SPF is available throughout the U.S. and Canada. JM Corbond ocx SPF is available in the U.S. only, as it is an ideal match to building codes and climate zones.

Performance advantages of JM Corbond oc SPF and JM Corbond ocx SPF include:

Superior sprayability: Offers excellent spray characteristics allowing for improved efficiency and ease of installation for contractors on jobs of all sizes.

Comfortable indoor environments: Stops air leakage with an effective air barrier that will not shrink or settle, which results in more consistent indoor temperature control year-round, and improves Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating to reduce noise pollution.

Energy efficient: Reduces heat transfer via conduction and radiation to improve thermal performance, and achieves R-values up to R-3.6 at 1 inch (JM Corbond oc SPF) and R-3.7 at 1 inch (JM Corbond ocx SPF).

Improved indoor air quality: Eliminates unwanted air exchange and controls moisture infiltration to decrease exposure to outdoor pollutants, allergens, dust, mildew and mold.

“Johns Manville is always looking for opportunities to provide customers with innovative products that meet the needs of any project, and adding two new spray foam options enables us to satisfy increased demand for spray foam solutions,” said Geoff Stephenson, national sales manager for spray foam products at Johns Manville. “Our new high-performance JM Corbond open-cell spray foams offer outstanding thermal performance and spray characteristics, which ultimately provide value to both our customers and building occupants.”

JM Corbond oc SPF and JM Corbond ocx SPF are available immediately. Visit or call 800-654-3102 to learn more

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