DOE's Energy Use Field Study Releases Initial Data; Goal to Improve Energy Efficiency

Originally published by: US Dept of EnergyDecember 7, 2015

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DOE’s Energy Code Field Study is underway in eight states, and it has released it's first set of data:

This is a project of the United States Department of Energy Building Energy Codes Program. Its goal is to determine whether an investment in building energy code education, training, and outreach programs can produce a significant, measurable change in residential building energy savings. (See the DOE funding opportunity announcement.)

Participating States

The following states have been selected to participate in the project.


Through the project, DOE plans to establish a sufficient data set to represent statewide construction trends and detect significant changes in energy use from training and outreach activities.

The study comprises three main stages:

  1. baseline study to identify the energy use in typical single-family residential buildings in a given state and opportunities for improving energy efficiency
  2. An education, training & outreach phase targeting issues identified through the baseline study
  3. post- study to identify the change in energy use following the education, training & outreach activities

Study Highlights

Results to be based on an energy metric and reported at the state-level

Focuses on individual code requirements within new single-family homes

Data confidentiality built into the experiment—no personal data will be shared

Designed around a single site-visit prioritizing key items

Designed with statistically significant results in mind

Project Team Resources

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