Selena USA Introduces New Wood Panel Adhesive

Originally published by: Selena USA, Inc.July 23, 2015

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Holland, MI – July 2015 – Selena USA, Inc. has introduced its new TYTAN Subfloor High Yield Adhesive that features innovative collapsing gel adhesive technology specifically formulated for installing subfloor, and other horizontal wood panel applications, such as roofing.

The collapsing gel adhesive technology provides superior yield, maximum strength and gap filling on horizontal applications, and its squeak prevention properties are far superior when compared to leading traditional cartridge applied subfloor adhesives. Its method of application will also save builders, remodelers and roofers time and money.

Because of its high yield formulation, just one 29-ounce can of TYTAN Subfloor High Yield Adhesive replaces 12 28-ounce traditional adhesive cartridges. That’s right, just one can equals one case of traditional subfloor adhesive. Builders, remodelers and roofers will easily see that this offers a significant savings compared to using traditional cartridges. It also comes in 12oz and 20oz cans with a straw applicator.

Stops Floor Squeaks

One of the primary reasons why subfloor adhesives are used is to prevent floor squeaks. However, most squeaks are created as a result of a gap or imperfection in the joist that leads to added tension on the fastener. That stress over time causes the fastener and adhesive to break free which causes the fastener to rub and squeak as it moves up and down. TYTAN Subfloor High Yield Adhesive actually fills the gap instead of simply trying to bond the materials. Since the gap is filled there won’t be as much tension to the fastener or adhesive over time which leads to more reliable squeak prevention.

Gun Applicator

In addition to the straw applicators, Selena also offers he easy-to-use TYTAN gun applicator, which allows the contractor to use one can multiple times rather than having to throw out partially empty cartridges after only a couple of uses. TYTAN offers a premium long-barrel gun applicator to reduce strain on the user. The TYTAN gun applicator is reusable, provides a higher yield than other applicators, and allows for a more precise application. There is no mess and no unnecessary body pain from constant bending and squeezing of a caulk gun trigger. TYTAN also offers an economy gun applicator for approximately the cost of a caulk gun.

TYTAN Subfloor High Yield Adhesive may be used in as low as 23˚F which rivals any traditional adhesive, but is easier than traditional caulk adhesive to dispense in cold weather. It exceeds ASTM D3498 and has no solvents.

TYTAN Subfloor High Yield Adhesive is part of a full line of TYTAN’s new High Yield Adhesives. Other companies have started offering different foam adhesive technologies, but no one has developed a unique formula and technology for each specific application like TYTAN.  Some companies have foam adhesives, and some companies have a collapsing technology, but until now no one has a full line of High Yield Adhesives.

TYTAN is trusted around the world because they care about creating better building performance and listening to the users.  TYTAN spends extra time listening and learning from installers so every product is a product installers can trust with their reputation. 

If you are interested in more information about TYTAN High Yield Adhesives or are interested to see how they “stack up” against the competition please visit the “Test TYTAN” tab at, and check out the High Yield Adhesive website at

For more information on all of the TYTAN professional products, you can contact Selena USA, Inc. at 855-44-TYTAN or go to the website

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