9 Products to Have on Your Jobsite to Improve Safety

Originally published by: Builder OnlineMarch 10, 2015

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Meeting OSHA standards may not be getting easier, but jobsite safety products are getting better. For this month's Top Shelf product roundup, BUILDER's editors focused on safety. From precision instruments like the Casella dust monitor to the ultra-comfortable Redbacks kneepads, these products stand out as smart, dependable choices.

Falltech Body Harness Safety harnesses are known for two things: saving lives and being uncomfortable. Falltech hopes to eliminate the second part of that equation with Flowtech. The lightweight harness reduces heat discomfort by allowing air to circulate around the padded back shoulder and waist areas. It has quick-connect clips, twist-resistant straps, forged aluminum D-rings, and a nine-position belt to support tool bags.www.falltech.com 

Werner Ladder The Podium Series step ladder has an oversize top step that functions as a standing platform, and a waist-height guard rail doubles as a tray for small tools and parts. The features make it possible for users to safely and comfortably work facing any direction, with no possibility of standing too high on the ladder. The ladders will be available with platform heights of 3, 4, 6, 8, and 10 feet. us.wernerco.com

Casella Dust Monitor  The rugged CEL-712 Microdust Pro is a data logging instrument for real-time detection of airborne dusts, fumes, and aerosols. With an icon-driven user interface and large graphical color display, the tool performs well for walk-through surveys or continuous evaluation of the workplace. The monitor can be zero- and span-calibrated in the field and stores up to 999 data measurements. www.casellausa.com

3M Headset This earmuff headset lets you to listen to music while protecting your hearing from construction noise. It has a noise-reduction rating (NRR) of 24 dB. The built-in AM/FM radio has an LCD screen and will accept up to 50 station presets. Large knobs and voice control assistance allow you to operate the tuner without removing the headset to see what you’re doing. There’s also a jack to connect an MP3 player .www.3m.com

Gateway Safety Glasses Get the benefits of safety glasses and goggles in one with Swap. The eyewear fills both roles as the temples and head strap easily can be switched with the touch of a button. The one-piece wraparound polycarbonate lens provides durable protection, while venting channels around the frame reduce the hot air buildup that causes fogging. Soft foam lining blocks dust and debris.  www.gatewaysafety.com

Hammerhead System  The Gear Keeper Hardhat Lanyard Retention System from Hammerhead Industries has been tested to safely tether all common industrial hardhats, mitigating the risk of a falling hardhat endangering the jobsite. The device easily attaches with Velcro strap loops. The design is meant to keep the lanyard close to the body to avoid discomfort and entanglement while working. www.gearkeeper.com

Miller Fall Limiter Starting at 2.3 pounds, this personal fall limiter from Miller by Honeywell is the lightest weight 9-foot unit available, says the firm. A compact alternative to shock-absorbing lanyards, TurboLite attaches directly to the harness D-ring for increased worker mobility and features a durable nylon housing and abrasion-resistant webbing. All models meet OSHA requirements. www.millerfallprotection.com

Redbacks Knee Pads The leaf-spring technology in Redbacks Knee Pads slows, controls, disperses, and reduces point pressure on the knee by distributing weight more evenly than foam. Constructed from thermoplastic elastomer, the low-density material is lightweight, durable, and does not retain moisture.www.redbackkneepads.co.uk

Super Anchor Safety Bar The Safety Bar provides open framing fall protection. The product is OSHA and ANSI compliant, and offers a sturdy tie-off point for two workers. It spans three trusses at the same time, can be rolled down the roof as the trusses are placed, and also can be used inverted. The best part? It’s easy and fast to set up, according to Tools of the Trade contributing editor Tim Uhler. www.superanchor.com

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