Guess the Failure Point & Ultimate Load of These Trusses

Originally published by: SBCAApril 27, 2015

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Points have been tallied and the results are in for the final match!  The Truss Cowboys will be up against the New Kids on the Block at the 2015 SBC Masters Competition next month in Madison. 

Comaraderie, participation in meetings and membership development were exemplified as all participating teams battled to the very last day to gather points for this year’s competition. The final standings can be found here.

Congratulations to all teams who participated in the competition and worked hard these past few weeks to gather more points and help grow our industry community.  Now the technical and design skills will be put to the test next month.  Good luck teams!!

This year, ALL members are invited to join the fun! After reviewing the details below, predict the ultimate load and the failure location on each set of trusses to be tested. Send your predictions to Lena Giakoumopoulos at SBCA ( by Monday, May 11.

In this year’s competition, each team designed a set of five trusses with the same configuration shown below.  The trusses will be loaded using the SBCRI wiffle-tree method, which will apply loading to the top chord at 2’ intervals.


  • TC Live 25 PSF
  • TC Dead 12 PSF
  • BC Dead 2 PSF
  • No Wind
  • No Additional BC Storage loading
  • 1.0 Duration Factor

Truss Cowboys Design

New Kids on the Block Design

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