Decorated Staff Sergeant to Receive Mortgage-Free Home

Originally published by: BCMC BuildAugust 11, 2014

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BCMC Build has become a fitting way to kick off a week centered on building community and making connections. This charitable construction project relies on the generosity and collaboration of component manufacturers, suppliers, framers and builders to fully frame and sheath a home for a deserving family in only three days.

This year, BCMC Build will again partner with Operation FINALLY HOME to construct a mortgage-free home for a retired Staff Sergeant who served the U.S. Army for almost fifteen years.

Following a long tradition of military service, he fulfilled a lifelong dream when he joined the army in 1998. He completed Basic Training and AIT at Fort Knox and was then stationed as a tanker at Fort Hood in Texas. He was also stationed as a tanker in Korea from 2001-2003 and at Fort Carson from 2003-2006, before being deployed to Iraq in March 2006 as a tank gunner/tank commander.

His active duty included tours in both Iraq (Operation Iraqi Freedom, 2006-2007) and Afghanistan (Operation Enduring Freedom, 2011), where he served as a Calvary Scout/Section Sergeant. During his last deployment he came under sniper fire during a reconnaissance mission in Sia Choy, Kandahar Province, and received a gunshot wound to the nose and other injuries from IED explosions.

Our recipient has received a number of awards and honors, including two Purple Hearts, six Army Commendation Medals, nine Army Achievement Medals, four Good Conduct Medals, and induction into the Order of St. George, a top award given to members of the army mounted force by the US Armor Association of the US Army.

Since returning from active duty in Afghanistan, he has undergone treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), traumatic brain injury (TBI), and a variety of neck, back and shoulder injuries. These injuries resulted in his release from assignment and duty because of physical disability in May 2013, when he retired from the Army. He currently resides in NC, with his wife of 14 years. The couple has three children, ages 22, 18 and 9. He is currently working on his Associate’s Degree and is interested in pursuing a degree in Psychology with a concentration in Military Resilience, with the hopes of helping other military personnel as an advocate or counselor.

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