Cubicco Designs High Velocity Hurricane Zone Homes

Cubicco offers the highest standard of comfort, safety, energy efficiency, and sustainability, for an extremely competitive price.

Cubicco is a smart living solution for everyone. Its precise structure makes it basically indestructible by some of the strongest forces of nature. It is composed of wood, rubber, and cork - all living materials that are readily found in nature and easily replenished. The house is extremely affordable in price and maintenance; also completely energy efficient. Its design is beautiful and contemporary, while maintaining a high level of comfort. Cubicco is flexible in design and delivery - its modular structure allows for organic growth and quick construction. See attached pdf for more details on home layouts and options.

And most importantly, as a company we have been able to do what many have thought was impossible.  Cubicco has designed and received HVHZ (High Velocity Hurricane Zone) approval by The State of Florida for 180 MPH.  This means our homes are approved to be placed in Miami-Dade County, the most stringent code in Florida.

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