BCMC Fosters Innovation of the Building Envelope

Originally published by: BCMCAugust 25, 2014

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CHARLOTTE - By all indications, this is the year to attend the BCMC show.  The exhibit floor is larger than it’s been for five years, already featuring more than 75 vendors looking to capitalize on the growth occurring in the structural component manufacturing industry.  To date, 322 individuals from 161 manufacturing and building material locations across the US have already registered to attend, a majority of whom are key decision makers.  This represents a 25 percent increase in the number of companies attending the show over last year, and more than double the companies in attendance in 2012.

The BCMC show is the only place to have exclusive access to component manufacturers (CM).  These producers are uniquely situated in the building supply chain to facilitate innovations in the building envelope by bringing together material suppliers, building designers, builders and framers. CMs are currently driving innovative structural framing solutions through communication and collaboration, allowing everyone in the chain to reap the benefits of the tools and capabilities they have to design a building where the complete load path required by the code can be constructed in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

The innovative framing currently being facilitated by CMs is about being more efficient in resisting loads and the path they follow through the framing structure, while allowing greater flexibility within that framework to accomplish secondary goals. In other words, innovative framing can seek to accomplish anything from: more load carrying capacity, less framing material, greater energy efficiency through reducing thermal transmission, and more efficient barriers to water intrusion, air infiltration, etc.

Most importantly, BCMC is about Building Community, Making Connections! The show allows exhibitors and attendees a rare opportunity to connect with friends both old and new, forge meaningful business relationships, and gear up for a bright future!

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