BCMC Day 1: Speeches, Awards & Gratitude. Oh, my!

Originally published by: BCMCOctober 8, 2013

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We aren't in Kansas anymore, Toto, this is San Antonio!

Don't look at the man (and machinery) behind the curtain...at least until tomorrow:

The education sessions provided brains (THE QUESTION: Optimize or Not?),

heart (Safety Is Your First Line of Defense),

and courage (Promoting Components over the Alternatives)!

During the SBCA Annual Meeting, Jack Dermer (American Truss Systems, at left) received the 2013 SBCA Hall of Fame Award,

Joe Kannapell (MiTek USA, at right) received the 2013 Dick Bowman Industry Enthusiast Award. 

Tom Manenti (MiTek USA) received the 2013 SBC Leadership Award, but was unable to attend the Annual Meeting.

2013 BCMC Build recipient, Cody Nusbaum, acknowledged the whirlwind he had gone through the past couple of days knowing now he would soon be a proud homeowner. He thanked the entire industry for their  generosity and for helping make his dream come true.

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