SBCA Releases Sortable Truss Span Table

Originally published by: SBCAJanuary 31, 2013

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In conjunction with the American Lumber Standards Committee’s Board of Review hearing yesterday on Southern Pine Inspection Bureau’s (SPIB) recommended design value changes to SYP, SBCA has put together a sortable span table including SYP’s old (pre-June 1, 2012) and new (SPIB’s latest recommendations) design values, as well as values for several western species and MSR grades. 

Editor's Note: The ALSC Board  of Review has approved SPIB's design value changes for all size and grades of visually graded SYP, effective June 1, 2013.

The table can be viewed and downloaded by clicking on the xls link below. The table includes spans for 2x10 joists, 2x12 joists, 9 1/2” trusses and 11 7/8” trusses at  40 psf LL, 10 psf DL, 5 psf BC DL, 360 deflection.  For quick comparison of truss versus joist spans, refer to the 2x10 (first pdf link below) and 2x12 (second pdf link below) span tables (sorted by 24" o.c.).

Similarly, SBCA had developed and shared SPIB’s recommended design value changes in a series of design value tables for all sizes of Southern Yellow Pine (SYP).