SPIB Posts Preliminary Analysis of Full Matrix Test Data

Originally published by: SBCAJuly 24, 2012

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On their website, SPIB has provided their Technical Committee Meeting PowerPoint presentation (which can also be viewed by clicking the pdf link below). This document provides valuable background information on SPIB’s Full Matrix testing and beneficial insight into the Technical Committee’s discussion on the test data.  Further, SBCA believes this document is beneficial in that is provides an improved sense for how the future may unfold.

As stated in the presentation, and in the SPIB press release, the Technical Committee recommended, “the complete design value matrix be moved to the SPIB Board of Governors for action.” This matrix is found from slides 43 to the end of the presentation.

As stated, this is a working document until the SPIB Board of Governors reviews and approves the design value matrix recommended by the Technical Committee, hence the note on the slides that states, “working document not for engineering or planning use.”

The approach SPIB has taken is clearly very valuable to everyone involved in the market, as it minimizes the potential of misinformation, rumor and innuendo, which have the tendency to change market behavior and lead to less-than-optimal decision making. SPIB’s action in this regard is commendable.

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