No News from ALSC, Just Observations

Originally published by: SBCAJanuary 9, 2012

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There is no new news from the ALSC Board of Review deliberations following the January 5 hearing. As soon as ALSC releases information to the public, we will send out an Industry News Special Edition email and post it on the SBCA lumber web page:

Interesting Observations:

No News is Good News

As we have already seen, there is a very sincere and strong desire to know the outcome of the SPIB caused lumber design value fiasco. One lumber industry expert during an SFPA teleconference on Friday indicated it is not unusual for the Board to take up to a few weeks to reach a decision, particularly given the scope and amount of information involved in this case. We believe that it is a good sign that the ALSC Board of Review is taking its time to deliberate over all the facts that have been presented to it, as that generally leads to a much wiser end-result.

Equating Southern Pine to Fuel

Craig Allen, a 17-year industry veteran, made this astute observation last week, “Suppose that gasoline producers started to see a decline in octane levels coming from their refineries for some reason.  Would they propose that car manufacturers redesign their cars to work with the new lower octane gasoline?  Of course not, because that wouldn’t make any sense.  What would happen with all of the “old design” cars?  It just wouldn’t work. The gasoline suppliers would have to figure out how to produce the correct octane levels.

Wood is a major fuel to the truss industry and many other industries.  So this analogy applies with the current SYP Issue.  Perhaps, SPIB should focus their attention on production practices that will produce lumber that meets the current grade levels.

Weyerhaeuser Opposes SPIB

On January 3, SBCA sent a letter to the Southern Pine Inspection Bureau (SPIB), asking them to verify that Weyerhaeuser has been the company responsible for issuing a dissenting vote as it relates to the votes taken by the SPIB Board of Governors regarding their approach to the SP design value issue.  In the letter, SBCA indicated that if SPIB did not respond by January 4, that would be considered validation. Further, by not responding, SPIB confirmed Weyerhaeuser has consistently been against the course of action SPIB staff has been charged with implementing.  Click on the pdf link below to view the letter sent to SPIB by SBCA regarding this issue.

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