Design Value Forum Recommendations Valuable

Originally published by: SBCAJanuary 9, 2012

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Why do we say SPIB caused this fiasco? Because SPIB had the perfect path presented to them on multiple occasions to withdraw their proposal, take a mulligan, set up a diverse task group of interested parties and work collaboratively to find a lumber design value change approach that served the multiple needs that would be on the table to discuss and resolve.

The pinnacle of the effort expended by all the affected parties was the SFPA facilitated Industry Summit that took place on November 18 and 19. The knowledge of this group created the following document; Southern Pine Design Value Forum Findings and Recommendations (please find the link to the full report here.) This seminal piece of work is the roadmap that SPIB participated in and needed to use to withdraw their proposal and move forward positively.

Click on the pdf link below to view the final recommendation report from the Southern Pine Design Value Forum. More information can also be found on SBCA's lumber web page at:

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