Travis Seeking Support for MSU Lumber Study

Originally published by: SBCAApril 12, 2012

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Mississippi State University, in cooperation with other universities, and funded by a coalition of wood products producers, re-manufacturers, forest landowners, and customers has proposed a study for an investigation of the mill-to-mill and regional variation in lumber properties that will examine the variability throughout the entire southern pine lumber region.

If you would be supportive of such a study, please let Travis Lumber Company know by sending a note or an e-mail no later than tomorrow, April 13, using the contact information below, so that an accurate assessment of support can be provided to ALSC as we continue along the consensus-based design value process.  

Travis Lumber has drafted a letter of support (click on the pdf link to view a copy of the letter) to the ALSC and would like to provide a list of companies along with the letter, prior to the April 18 ALSC Board of Review meeting.

Postal: Travis Lumber Company, Inc., PO Box 39, Mansfield, AR 72944

Phone: 479-928-2063  Fax: 479-928-7139



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