TP's Audited Stress Rating Proposal Fails Final ALSC Hurdle

Originally published by: SBCAApril 2, 2012

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Based on the following excerpt from the final minutes of the American Lumber Standards Committee's (ALSC) Enforcement Subcommittee meeting held February 24, 2012 (click on the pdf link below to view a copy of the minutes), it appears the innovative Audited Stress Rating (ASR) program proposed by Timber Products has hit the end of the line:

After considerable discussion, a motion was made to move the Timber Products’ ASR proposal forward and form a task group to explore how an ASR program in the context of the TP proposal could be developed. The motion was made by Mr. Williams, seconded by Mr. Bender. After further discussion it was suggested the motion be split into two motions to determine if there was a consensus to move the proposal forward. Mr. Williams and Mr. Bender agreed and a motion to move the proposal forward was considered. A roll call vote was taken with Mr. Williams voting affirmative; Messrs. Browder, Rozek, Binam and Bender voting negative; and Messrs. DeVisser, Fantozzi and Easterling abstaining. The motion failed. The motion to form a task group was not considered.

For more information on TPs ASR proposal, go to SBCA's lumber web page:

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