SYP to SPF Equivalency Threatened

Originally published by: SFPAApril 26, 2012

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SFPA issued a notice to its members that Canadian Standards Association has issued a member ballot to remove SYP equivalency to SPF in response to SYP design value changes.  It states:  

"As you know, SPIB is currently reviewing design values for all sizes and grades.

This may have consequences if you or your customers are exporting SYP lumber to Canada.  If you want to provide comment on the proposal, the ballot may be reviewed at you can create a quick login profile then offer comments.

FYI longer term, SFPA will be adding Eastern Canada to our export market promotion plans in 2013 with first priority given to removing constraints on use and application of SYP in in decking and outdoor structural applications. 

The CSA announcement:                                                                                                        

A CSA O86 Technical Committee ballot is currently being conducted to approve an amendment that would remove the equivalency between Southern Pine and Spruce-Pine-Fir in Table of CSA O86 until the outcome of SPIB’s review is completed:


Lumber species equivalents

                                                                                                    US combination                       Equivalent Canadian combination

                                                                                                    Douglas Fir-Larch                    Douglas Fir-Larch

                                                                                                    Hem-Fir                                    Hem-Fir

                                                                                                    Southern Pine                     Spruce-Pine-Fir


Note: The NLGA Standard Grading Rules for Canadian Lumber incorporates the National Grading Rule for Dimension Lumber, a uniform set of grade descriptions and other requirements for softwood dimension lumber that form a required part of all softwood lumber grading rules in the United States. Thus, all dimension lumber throughout Canada and the United States is graded to uniform requirements."


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