ICC President Discusses Organization's Future

Jimmy Brothers, president of the International Code Council (ICC), attended the first day of the Steel Industry Code Forum meeting held July 11-12, 2011 and addressed participants at the dinner held on July 11. His remarks centered on changes that he had seen over the years within the ICC as a member of its board and how he thought the organization would change to meet future demands.

Brothers related that he learned the importance of industry input to the ICC through his participation on its board of directors. He remembered the days when there were three separate organizations instead of one ICC, and public hearings were held from early morning to midnight for 18 consecutive days. He contrasted that scenario with a session for the 2010 code hearings, when as few as 21 people voted because the hearings had gone on late into the night.

 What does the future hold for the ICC?

The voting mechanism for ICC is likely to change as the organization implements a remote voting methodology by the start of the next code development cycle. Voting participation is expected to increase as a result of this new policy.

The built environment—health, safety and welfare—will remain the primary focus for code development.

Energy codes and sustainability will continue to drive the code process. However, until the United States decides on an energy policy, the International Green Construction Code (IgCC) will go in many different directions.

Brothers urged the steel industy to increase its involvement in the IgCC arena. His remarks generated quite a bit of discussion among the SICF members, and Brothers was appreciative of their feedback and input.

 The next meeting of the Steel Industry Code Forum will be held on March 5-6, 2012.

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