A Unique Perspective on SYP Design Value Changes

Shock, awe, outrage, numbness, bewilderment. That seems to be the sequence of emotions when we are exposed to a disappointment of epic proportion. Throughout our lifetimes we experience varying degrees that sequence depending on the event. I'm going to recall a few of my own to get the creative juices flowing.

Not making the little league baseball team (shock) when I was 8 because I was too young (awe), then burning up the baseball field (outrage), and getting a spanking (numbness)...contemplation followed by bewilderment. The tragic death of a school mate (shock), who was accidentally shot by his brother (awe), then fist fighting with my own brother as I struggled with the emotion (outrage), then running away from home for a few hours (numb)...contemplation followed by bewilderment.

Getting my first paycheck and noting that it was half what I expected (shock), because it had TAXES and uniform deducted (awe), punching a metal swinging door (outrage), that didn't give (numbness)...contemplation followed by bewilderment.

Asking that drop dead gorgeous girl on a date and she says yes (shock), picking her up and she is still a dream (awe), finding out she is your cousin (outrage), kissing her anyway (numbness)...contemplation followed by bewilderment.

Being advised that SYP design values may be 30% over valued (shock), learning that the new values may be implemented in 60 days (awe), realizing the potential liability and loss of inventory value (outrage), losing sales that you need to keep the doors open (numbness)...contemplation followed by bewilderment.

It's the bewilderment that is crippling, isn't it?

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