MSR/MEL Not Impacted by Proposed Lumber Design Value Changes

Originally published by: MSR Lumber Producers CouncilNovember 11, 2011

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Madison, WI – Recently, there have been design value changes proposed for some visual grades of lumber. These decisions will have no impact on the design values of Machine Stress Rated (MSR) lumber and Machine Evaluated Lumber (MEL) because of the way these products are manufactured and tested.

Produced since the 1960s, MSR and MEL lumber have known and tested structural design values. In contrast to visual grades, machine rated lumber is produced by measuring physical properties of each piece of lumber in the production line. Manufacturers are required to test samples during each shift and the entire quality assurance process is audited by independent third parties to confirm conformance with the stated design values. MSR and MEL lumber consistently meet design value requirements even as timber growing practices and environmental conditions change.

You can be confident in the strength and performance of MSR and MEL lumber. MSR/MEL lumber has proven itself to be a cost-effective, quality lumber product for component manufacturers and builders.

There are producers of MSR/MEL lumber across North America that can meet the needs of builders, engineers, architects and all end-users. For more information on MSR and MEL lumber or to find a producer near you, visit the MSR Lumber Producers Council website at

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