ICC Asked to Eliminate Multifamily from Green Code

Originally published by: NAHBDecember 12, 2011

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In important news from the building codes front, NAHB has asked the International Code Council (ICC) to eliminate multifamily buildings from the scope of its new International Green Construction Code (IGCC). An association letter to the ICC President on Dec. 2 cited concerns that the current scope of the IGCC would create conflicts for multifamily buildings within the scope of the National Green Building Standard (ICC 700), which was developed jointly by NAHB and the ICC. Noting that the scope of the ICC 700 already includes all “residential buildings, building sites, subdivisions, and renovation thereof,” NAHB asked that the ICC Board of Directors take immediate action to eliminate the situation where ICC would have two competing documents setting green building standards for the construction of residential buildings.

NAHB followed up our letter by delivering the same message directly to ICC Board members at a meeting on Dec 8.  Representatives from NAHB and the NAHB Research Center highlighted the success that ICC 700 is already experiencing in the multifamily housing market, along with the increasing numbers of multifamily projects seeking certification under ICC 700. NAHB also stressed our members’ concern that including multifamily buildings in the scope of the IGCC will create a substantial deterrent to future certifications to ICC 700 and other existing state/local green building programs. At this point, we do not expect the ICC Board to act on this or other requests related to the scope of the IGCC until early next year.

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