Construction Experts Identify Most Innovative Building Envelope Products of 2016

Originally published by: Professional BuilderMay 13, 2016

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The Parade of Products, or POP as it’s known, is a competition that occurs during the largest homebuilding trade show on the West Coast, PCBC, and is a celebration of the most inventive new product solutions of the past year. The new ideas and products on display at the show, and especially those selected as POP winners, represent the fruits of labor of some of the most innovative minds in the home building world.

A panel of industry judges consisting of builders, engineers, designers, journalists, and architects rated the products based on innovation, practical application, and design, and, for 2016, came up with a list of 20 winners that embodied those qualities the best. Here are a few selection that focus on the building envelope:

The BamCore Prime Wall System allows for stronger, faster and greener building practices than alternative stud-based systems. The bamboo-based dual panel hollow wall is customized to job with all openings factory cut. A 2,400 square foot house can be “walls up” in two days with no job site waste. The code-compliant system provides thermal performance by eliminating thermal bridging from conventional studs and by allowing builders to double or triple wall thickness for very little cost. Prime Wall Systems also eliminates the need for drywall in most applications.

One piece of the new ZIP System stretch tape is all it takes to lock out moisture from curves, corners, edges, and other difficult applications. The flashing tape stretches in all directions for a faster, hassle-free installation and a tight seal that locks out moisture and air. Made from high-performance composite acrylic, ZIP System stretch tape can be reapplied to create a super strength bond on any shape and structure from penetrations and window sills to uncommon architectural details.

The FutureFlash Waterproofing System provides new technology to prevent moisture damage around windows and doors. The System utilizes a combination of a tough, mechanically-attached, flexible FutureFlash waterproofing membrane and high-performance FutureFlash Sealant. FutureFlash is a prefabricated waterproofing membrane for use around windows, doors, under stucco, and other exterior wall systems. It is composed of two high-performance films with a core of specially formulated rubberized asphalt to self-seal around fasteners. It is durable, offers great tear strength, and UV stability. FutureFlash is available in 25-mil and 40-mil thicknesses.

Quik-Shield 108 is the only Ultra-Low Density spray foam insulation on the market. This product provides a 25 percent greater yield over traditional 0.5pcf open-cell spray foams and significantly reduces material cost for projects.  Additional Quik-Shield 108 features 360° product expansion so it can fill an entire wall cavity in a single-motion, increasing jobsite productivity by up to 20 percent. Long-range application and heavy-duty adhesion provide the ability to insulate a roof deck from up to 15 feet away without the foam dripping or falling off the deck. This allows contractors the possibility of getting rid of ladders and scaffolding, making the jobsite safer and more efficient.